Live Streaming

Live Streaming enables broadcasters to provision, modify, test and deliver their live content to existing and new platforms at speed.

The product supports a live rewind window for the duration of the event.¬† Alongside an API, Live Streaming also presents a console for operators to schedule forthcoming live events, start and stop streams, and to extend an event’s duration after it has started.

Key features include:

  • Live rewindSupports a live rewind window for the duration of the event
  • ConsoleOperators have a console to schedule live events, start and stop streams for the events, and extend duration during the event
  • DynamicBitrate combinations, output profiles and other manifest attributes can be configured dynamically without deployments
  • Ingest – High-res IP source stream ingested into AWS via push or pull
  • Encoding¬†– Source stream encoded in AWS to the customer’s set of profiles
  • Packaging –¬† Encoded streams packaged and DRMed with Unified Streaming’s Live Origin to the customer’s formats/bitrates
  • Output – Packaged formats presented to one or more CDNs including authentication configuration
  • Resilient – Full use of cloud deployment makes the system highly available along the length of the content chain