Live Capture

Live Capture acquires live TV broadcasts and turns them into on-demand assets in a matter of minutes – even for shows of many hours duration.

Using the power and scalability of the cloud, Live Capture makes live SD, HD, even 4K content available on the internet soon after the end of transmission, reducing the gap between live transmission and catch-up.

Key features include:

  • Easy to integrate – Simple yet comprehensive RESTful API means Live Capture is easy to use and integrate with existing workfows. Web GUI offers an intuitive manual interface to create, package and deliver jobs.
  • Comprehensive¬†– Running in Mezzanine to VoD mode the real-time transcoder can produce any number of outputs across a wide range of complexity and formats.
  • Resilient – Deployed to multiple AWS availability zones in a single region by default, Live Capture can optionally be deployed active/active across two AWS regions for enhanced resilience.
  • Logging and trimming console – Edit and log live video anywhere, anytime. No special video formats needed; just provide a live HTTP stream and M2A Live Capture facilitates trimming in the cloud.¬† Edits and logs are frame-accurate.
  • Advanced Stitching and Logo Insertion – Stitch in ads, idents and stings. Add in logos and DOGS. Sources ad inventory and branding content from M2A Cloud MAM or directly from client’s S3 buckets.
  • Expandable – Unlimited video storage available.¬† Live Capture integrates with M2A Cloud MAM for complete asset management and workflow.
  • Affordable – Live Capture offered as SaaS and billed on an output basis; only pay for what you use.
  • Supportable – Varying levels of support available to meet a range of content priorities from BAU to flagship audience critical.

Download Live Capture – Live to VOD PDF

Download Live Capture – Mezz to VOD PDF

See Live Capture demo @ IBC

Live Capture